10 Tips to find cheap flights

If you’re planning to fly anywhere for your vacation this year make certain you read these little tips to get the cheapest airfare you can get. There are a lot of tricks and tips out there, and when on our last trip to see some Bryce Canyon attractions were able to find the cheapest and best airfare around.
Southwest Airlines seats at PHX

# 1 Plan ahead, it pays

The closer a travel date gets, the higher the price of airline tickets. For the cheapest flights you are looking for the best 3 weeks or more prior to departure, as prices normally 21 days, 14 days, 7 days and 3 days before departure will be further increased.

# 2 Be flexible

If you are not tied to fixed times, you’re clearly at an advantage. In part, it is already cheaper to arrive a day early and enjoy the extra day.

# 3 Avoid peak travel days

In short, if all go on trips, then the demand for the space available, the prices is large, small, and accordingly high.If it is possible to avoid the school holidays, public holidays and special travel waves (events, etc.)

# 4 Use the search radius

Many budget airlines fly to alternate airports with lower airport costs and the ticket prices are usually cheaper. You also have the advantage that prevails at these airports usually less traffic, the car rental prices are often cheaper and there is usually no crowds or queues.

When you’re with checkfelix.Submit looking for the cheapest flight you choose the best the “nearby airports” and you automatically get the prices of airports within the main airport displays

# 5 Saving with one-way tickets

Sometimes it can pay off to book two one-way tickets instead of a round-trip airline tickets. Although this is rare, but it may be the time to buy value be two tickets, and possibly to fly from various airports or go back.

# 6 Book Quick

If you want a cheap flight ‘ve found, to shock! Good flight deals are not usually last long, and just now available flight may be fully booked in the next minute or second.

# 7 Use bonus programs

If you are not yet registered for a bonus program, so you should do this as quickly as possible, it’s usually free anyway. With every flight you collect miles, and could fly cheaper or even free again with enough credit for neighbor.

# 8 Search more times a day

Morning, noon, evening. Fares are constantly changing, seeking multiple times throughout the day by the same route in order to find the best flight.

Book # 9 attempts on Tuesday

Update! The following has not been confirmed in our test : book your trip on Tuesday just after 18 clock, then the prices are very low. Because airlines provide at this time, the tariffs for the next week in the system. The time must be in the country of establishment of the airline must be at least 18 clock, otherwise sooner or later accordingly.

# 10 Fly Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday

The best day of the week for flights are Tuesday, Wednesday (Thursday goes too) and Saturday. Which brings us back to point 2, Flexibility pays off.

Photo Credit: WN737300

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