Learn more about Golf

If you want to play like the greats of the sport, need to work hard and improve their game, to get excellence. However, it is extremely difficult to find extra time to practice and improve the quality of your game time.

Therefore, make use of any time you get working seriously. Remember, a disciplined practice routine is the key to your game volume gets to a higher level. So, work hard to improve the areas that need special attention. Convert your weaknesses into strengths, and also work on their strengths in order to increase its consistency.

Golf Course

Reach the Top

If you want to play like Tiger Woods who has become a complete player.  And to be a complete player, you need to improve your way of playing golf in all aspects. The initial practice can help you master the difficult part of the game. But remember: the body position and balance when you go the route is the secret to making great games. The most experienced coaches always include this theory in their golf lessons.

Try setting goals for you during practice sessions because a player with a professional mindset will never compromise their hours of practice. Practicing disciplined is the only way to reach the top of the sport! There is no other alternative way or shortcut to it.

Important and Tips in Playing Golf

Identify the key areas requiring development and make an impression of your game according to the needs. For example, if you need to work the extensions of your swing, practice continuously for about a week will leave you much more accurate than now. However, enjoy your hours of practice is vital to achieving success. You should never consider your training schedule as a burden because a negative mindset can easily become an obstacle in the path of improvement.

Golf is a game that requires the entire body; it needs the muscles and the mind.

Many people fail to understand the importance of physical appearance in a sport like this, but physical fitness is very important to succeed in golf at the highest level. At the same time, mental strength and flexibility are required to provide a competitive edge in your game. Therefore, the practice of mental exercises with your trainer on a regular basis will help you become a better player in the long term. In addition, specific exercises will greatly improve your power of imagination and visualization. Your coach will eventually help you think clearly, plan and create better strategies!


The basic objective of the sport is to hit the ball on all 18 holes of the course with the fewest strokes possible. Nobody knows for sure how this game came refined. The main clue points to a primitive version practiced in the Roman Empire, the paganica, where they used a stick to pocket a ball of wool. Have the modern golf only appear in the 15th century in Scotland, from where it spread to the rest of Europe. Professional circuits today , the count of the score is based on a so-called pair index, which shows the number of strokes set to bring the ball up the field every hole . When we say that a hole is par 3, for example, means that three shots are usually required to pocket the ball.

The sum of the pair of holes in the pair of the field, i.e., the average strokes to complete the circuit. “Besides being a reference to the player, the pair makes it easy to compare the performance of athletes that are in different holes,” says the golfer Roberto Gomes, Brazilian and South American champion. The players usually practice the sport accompanied by his caddy, a private helper of fundamental importance because, in addition to carrying the clubs, he gives tips on the best strategy to overcome each hole. In total, about 30 rules governing specific situations of the sport – as the player who hits the ball and the other are punished by two strokes. However, some sports are played with different regulations. In the game in teams, for example, only considers the number of strokes the player with the best performance in every hole. For more info please visit here.


Small Business Tips; One of the Best Tips

Many small business managers what they crave is that your company grow and succeed. While many others want and are comfortable and well being a company of one person. If you’re the first, we will now see two tips for when you want to expand your small business. In the second case, growth tends to generate a new set of problems that most owners of these companies do not want to deal.

If your company is ready to “level up”, you should know that the expansion of your small business is a somewhat delicate process. I say this because it may be the case if the company you stretch too much or in the wrong direction, your business may suffer. But on the other hand, if you make it wisely and in the right way, you’re likely to enjoy a surprising increase in your profits.

These following tips can help you, and as I say for many small businesses with individual managers expansion brings both challenges and opportunities. I believe that a key aspect for the proper growth of your small business is that you do it the easiest way possible.

You have to have your online business, or if, that is clear. If you have no online presence, then you are missing the benefits associated with having, for example, for an online community. You need to build a website for your business and which is a concise, clear and easy for your customers to enjoy perfect time navigation. Apart, of course, you must also select and start focusing on some social media to engage your customers with interesting conversations and messages or tweets shareable.

Expand Your Small Business -1

You also have to expand your target audience. For example, if you sell products or services for climbers (for instance), then you have to think and plan for the expansion of your network marketing to include novice, junior and veteran climbers. So you can create advertising campaigns for the types of climbers I’ve said before, it is unclear if it makes sense for your company. If your company offers services and products to a specific audience, then you have to think you have to do to increase the appeal of your business in order to attract a wider clientele. This can be as simple as changing the verbiage that you use in your marketing campaigns, or as complex as changing specific products or services.

Remain as the first choice of customers is a job that has little to do with luck. Learn simple tricks to improve the quality of your business

What do small businesses to sell more? No matter the type of business, the market they address, location, or volume of sale, everyone needs to do the same: Marketing. All they do one way or another: call and are concerned about their customers, make promotions, offer free samples, etc.

Depending on how you are doing, there are five points that should not miss in cualquierempresa for good marketing strategy:

1. Corporate image
Most human beings are “visual ” people. Assimilate and remember information better when it is accompanied by “images” that we can hold in our memory and later associate the brand. For example, Apple, the dove of Nike or type of font to use Coca- Cola or Disney. The importance of this is that the customer “we remember” we “differentiate”, and finally and most importantly, “we choose”.

Take your time to have a good corporate image: pick a business name, a logo that identifies your business, use a font according to what you plan and use in all your documents and formats (brochures, posters, etc.). All this gives identity to the company. With this, your clients can differentiate and remember their “image”.

2. Know your customers

The better you know your customers, of which depends the success of your company, the greater

The chances of their needs. You should know what they want, how they

Want and how often. Use a simple observation, with periodic or just using a form that can be filled the first time they visit your website or business surveys. Ask your customers, work according to your tastes and preferences and possibly reach more satisfactory result sales.

3. Attention to the recommendations “word of mouth”

Customer behavior is the key to success in any business. Obviously we all like to treat us well, and is reflected in the treatment clients receive , if he can make you feel special and important, take some time to return , also will recommend to colleagues . One rule you should know: “very satisfied” customer recommends three to five times, but one unsatisfied you recommended more than 10 times. If you want to succeed to best serve you seek because their attention is possible transmitter recommendations.

4. Managing your customers

Record the general customer data (email, phone, address), which

Buy, how often, products or services that use the most, what their interests are, in

Do they work what they like to eat, etc? Then use this “customer management” to inform them about promotions that have or have recommendations on new products. No matter that does not have a spreadsheet or a computer: You can keep track in a notebook so keep an eye on the interests of their clientele? Try not to be too invasive in customer preferences. This also helps to create a good image. – Wikihow

5. Generate value

Once you know the client well, you should be able to offer something more: it can be anything, but it is helpful. For example, if you have a tummy, send an email each month with beauty tips, or give a discount card for 4 or more visits. With this accomplished pleasantly surprise your customers.

With five tips that I hope you can turn your business into a perfect place for
Customers and a very profitable business for you.

How to maintain LCD screen

After the many problems caused by accumulation of dirt and (possibly) hard drives, LCD screens are the components that give more problems on notebooks.

You can buy replacement screens directly with the manufacturers, but the price is often prohibitive. In auction sites, you can find some screens used, usually taken from several notebooks with defects and sold separately. The fabrics used are a more palatable option in terms of cost, but it is difficult to find the exact model, and you never know what the real condition of the equipment before having it on hand.
Contest: COUNT THE LCD screens!
Photo Credit: Joseph Erlewein
Change a screen is a relatively simple procedure. You need to do only a partial disassembly of the notebook, removing one and installing the other. But changing the entire screen is almost always a waste, except, of course, situations where the notebook falls and LCD actually breaks.

First, the LCD itself is a kind of chip. The technique of manufacturing a processor and an LCD display are similar, the main difference is that the processor is made on the silicon wafer as an LCD screen is made of amorphous silicon, or a glass plate. In active tint screen, we have a transistor for each point on the screen (each pixel is composed of three points) and a small groove where the liquid crystal is deposited.

Liquid crystals are substances that have their molecular structure changed when they receive electrical current. In their normal state, these materials are transparent, but when receiving an electric charge become opaque, blocking the passage of light. The function of each transistor is to control the state of the corresponding point, applying the appropriate voltage for each tone:

The simplest LCDs, such as those used in watches and palmtops with monochrome screen, use a reflective layer, installed on the back, which simply reflects the ambient light. There are cases of colorful LCDs that use the same principle (as used in the Game Boy Advance), but LCDs used in notebooks always use back lighting.

Here we have an LCD screen notebook disassembled. See that she is only partially transparent. It is thanks to the lighting you can see the picture clearly:
There are two lighting technologies of LCD screens. The most common is the use of cold cathode lamps, a type of fluorescent lamp, compact and ultra low power consumption. A few ultra portable laptops like Sony Vaio TX2 use LEDs for illumination of the screen, a technology that allows producing thinner, economical and durable fabrics, however absurdly more expensive ;). Meanwhile, 99 % of LCDs use good old cold cathode lamps.

Like the flourishing domestic lamps, cold cathode lamps operate with a very high voltage (typically 1300 volts) required to transform the gases inside the lamp plasma that generates the light.

Fluorescent lamps in a reactor is used to generate the required voltage, is used as a notebook FL inverter , a type of ultra-compact reactor, which transforms the 5 volts supplied by motherboard in 1300 volts or more used for cold cathode lamps.

To save energy and also to cut costs, are generally used only two lamps at both ends of the screen. Between the two, we have a diffusing screen, which is in charge of spreading the light evenly across the screen.

The LCD screen itself is extremely durable, often needing to exchange only when it is cracked or broken. The cold cathode lamps have an estimated population of 10,000 hours (on older laptops) and lifetime 30,000 hours (at current notebooks) of continuous use. We also have the FL inverter, whose lifetime is almost always less than the lamp and the circuit board containing the controller screen.

Clean LCD screen using fabric

After much searching I found an efficient and quick way to clean LCD screens and LED without damaging the product. After much searching, because I need to clean my screen and my TV, I found a way to not use chemicals that can damage the screen. Check!

The problem was simple, even being careful is impossible to keep the screens 100 % clean. I do not know how or why these screens have the magical power to get dirty alone, but there are still not many tutorials with tips to help avoid this.

Then the light appeared to happily show me the correct way to clean the appliance. First let expensive and good that there are two types of dirt when it comes to cleaning the LCD screen is the first one common dust that accumulates over time, the other fingers and marks even though it should not touch the screen just touching.

To clean dust and very simple you just use a coffee filter to clean the screen! Yes friends a coffee filter helps you keep your TV or PC monitor dust free. That’s because it’s loaded eletronegativamente what makes the dust grains stick to the paper.

Now if you for some reason touched the screen and left that spot finger (which is actually the fat from your body that was on the screen) need to follow another line of cleaning may be using a clean cloth and thin enough not release NO plume. With this cloth you should clean the entire screen without any force on it so as to prevent it from scratch.

If the dirt is too large you can go to an electronics store and look for a specific product to clean LCD monitors. Although hard to find these products exist that can help you accomplish is very clean. The important and following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Advantage of LED Flashers on Online Stores

Thinking about advertising, we will come to mind hundreds of formats. And though some are more effective than others, we all struggle to find the one that best suits us. Because that’s the point, that our advertising is tailored to our e-commerce. When you have a blog or an online store, it is good that we want to monetize through advertising. But perhaps we should consider that advertising goes unnoticed.
Finished led flashers
Photo Credit: Mr. Woolley

For example, if we talk about an online store, if you include Google Ad sense banners, or other services or perhaps even one created by us, is likely to miss our shop seriousness it should have. But what if instead of using banners, we offer manufacturers and suppliers who supply our products to highlight their products so they sell faster? Then we speak of a well implemented and not bother advertising to the end user, who will surely appreciate this gesture. At the end of the day, the less showy and more integrated advertising end up being the most effective, since the user as content making more.

Imagine you have a blog and are able to leave the display advertising aside and get companies to sponsor their products or users with our blog entries, the purpose of all this is of course more effectiveness, better design and more enjoyment of our advertising by users.

Of course, blogs and talk shop with some traffic. We should be realistic and not think that anyone will want to be sponsored our shop. All this is good work and do our part. Never forget that we must be consistent in our e-commerce, investing money and time initially and then get results.

Led Flashers

It may seem that the flat screens came into existence a decade ago, but in reality, there are flat screens since 1964. The screen production at that time was intended more for military or scientific applications because of their high cost.

Over time, the lower cost of producing a flat screen and advances in technology have allowed them to be used in entertainment applications such as televisions as mobile phones, computer monitors, games and more.

At present we have three types of flat screen technology to choose from: Plasma, LCD and LED. Which one is better or more appropriate for us? This article aims to provide relevant information to enable you make your decision.

We started with the Plasma technology, which was the first to be used in large screens. The reason is that at that time, the LCD technology was not so developed to produce large screens economically.

Plasma displays use gas cells that light up when a current is applied. It’s like fluorescent lamps use today. The screen is a large array of many tiny cells where it produces the necessary gas primary colors together to see images of different colors.

237px -Plasma -lamp 2

The advantages of this technology include the black color looks great; the side viewing angle is greater than with LCD screens, fast moving images do not produce ghosts. The disadvantages are in a higher energy consumption, cannot be used at altitudes of more than 2km, causing interference in the AM radio band and ham radio.

The LCD technology or LCD screens began to be used in small as watches, calculators and electronic equipment. LCDs work with liquid crystal cells that act as valves to let the light that produces a fluorescent lamp back. The electronic circuits within the display control each cell forming the matrix and thereby draw images.

LCDs use less power, are compact and lightweight. Not produce geometric distortion of the image, the image is very sharp and is not affected by burn of static images. Another advantage is that it is more appropriate to display images from digital DVI or HDMI.

Some disadvantages include the side viewing angle is limited, the black color does not look totally black because of the way the brilliance sometimes annoying flicker that is noticeable is controlled. Images with resolution equal to the native resolution of the screen look great, while all other resolutions require some conversion distorts the image.

Finally, the LED screens are LCD screens with LED backlighting. That is, the technology is the same as LCDs and what changes is to replace the fluorescent lamp light emitting diodes (LED). This allows better control of the light illuminating the liquid crystal cells.

IPod Touch 2G Backlight

Some differences with LCD screens are lower energy consumption, longer life, wider control brightness, greater dynamic contrast, and thinner screens. The biggest disadvantage is the cost for now they are more expensive than regular LCD screens.


If you want to watch TV in a brightly lit room, Plasma TV is preferable. You want to use your TV as a computer screen, you need a LCD. If you care more about saving energy, LED TV good for you. The image quality in each technology is, for practical purposes the same. Remember that no matter how high the resolution of the TV, if you have a high definition signal, cannot appreciate. It also takes into account your visual ability to choosing the TV.

Environmentally Friendly Travel Tips

Now that hot days are becoming increasingly frequent fancy taking the car and escape to any place out of town on weekends. For in those breaks be as respectful as possible to the environment, we offer a few tips to keep in mind. These are ones we developed when we left the ocean to travel inland to St George Utah, where we stayed at a beautiful little RV camp spot.

Continuing with the public awareness campaign “Connect and Reciclavidrio “in order to promote the recycling of glass in one of the most beautiful cities and more Elf Spain, Granada. And now that we are in the holiday season, we tend to change our routines and so I put some tips to continue caring for the environment and ecological travel more.

Eco friendly travel

Driving responsibly and respectfully

If you are planning your trip, it is best that the programs for first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon. At this time, less heat and therefore you will not need to turn on the air conditioning. The added advantage is that if a key date, leave very early or very late also saves you a few miles of jams.

If you’re hot, we advise using forced air circulation of the vehicle. Transmits feeling refreshed and not consume anything. If the temperature is too high, lowering the windows is not the solution, because it results in increased air resistance and thus a greater consumption. More appropriate would be to put the air conditioning on.

Another important recommendation is to not exceed the speed limits. Circling to consume less and speed limits are much more respectful of the environment. Besides, it is advisable to have the car with regular reviews that correspond in order. This ensures that the vehicle is efficient. Check the tires, the filter, the engine, the exhaust…

Finally should concentrate how beneficial it is to drive in the most efficient manner possible. Try to run at low revs and high gears and avoids giving braking and acceleration. Getting used to drive well only requires a little effort and your wallet and the environment will thank you.


- For our vanity, use reusable containers to fill travel size shampoo, gel or cream in order to reuse them on other trips and not have to buy every time we go on vacation.

- At the time of booking in a hotel, camping, etc. See if they have environmental care policies Reciclavidrio, for example the Planet 21 Accor Hotels, where their hotels are equipped with flow regulators on showers and taps waste or recycled as glass.

- Re-use bags to put shoes or dirty clothes in the suitcase.

- Carry rechargeable batteries for our gadgets.



- If we go to a buffet restaurant, make rational use of food as napkins or silverware. Sadly it is common to see tables filled with plates full of food in the end it will be consumed.

- At the hotel, make various uses to bath towels and not left on the floor after one use.

- If we go shopping, use a backpack to store our purchases to avoid having to use or buy plastic bags. At this point, if we have the opportunity to buy gifts that respect the environment, in many cities there are specialized markets and also remember not to buy to buy

Energy saving hotel room

Turn off lights when leaving the room

- When leaving the hotel room, make sure to turn off lights and air conditioning all in hotels that do not have the automatic shutdown to remove the ignition key of the room.

- If our holidays were spent in a campsite, use reusable tableware and napkins to avoid disposable tableware use.

- And finally do not forget to separate waste because recycling begins to separate.

Recycling glass

Separate for recycling

So I encourage you to not miss the usual recycle during your vacation and become part of a greener tourism and do not forget that if you are traveling through Granada, recycled glass and you can attend for free to Manuel Carrasco concert in Granada.  – About

It is very important having an Environmentally Friendly Travel to help save our mother earth.

Great Camping Trips with Kids

A cheaper option to traveling with kids is camping. It has many advantages if you are the kind of person who especially loves the adventure and don’t mind looking for a  perfect camping spot. We spend some time in southern Utah lately and found a great camping spot before we embarked on one of those Zion 4×4 tours.

Camp Provides Safe Summer Fun for Kids With Asthma

A regular camping spot, as you know, is the cheapest option. One day at a campsite can cost about $15 dollars, depending on the site and the site where you are. It is a good option if you are used to sleeping in tents (whose prices are from 50 to 120 dollars, depending on your comfort and size) or a caravan provide. If this is the first time you are going to do, try for a short period.

It is ideal for youth because its price is low, you can be near the beach and you assure you not to bother anyone. But it is also an ideal place to get in touch with nature, especially for lovers of the environment.

Beware, though, with the ground where you put your tent. It should be soft to absorb water when it rains and I sleep well and do not allow small stones clovers.

One of the advantages of the camping site is to be able to have an activity that takes place outdoors and can be adapted to any age. It can be very good plan to go with your family a few days to enjoy nature and tranquility that you can find a campsite. Sometimes when we think of going camping with young children we may pull back, even if the campsite is well conditioned and weather conditions accompanying the family go camping can be an unforgettable experience.

So that everything goes well, we will show you a number of tips for camping with kids, then surely experience repeat, and your kids will love:

Pre-planning the trip; it is very important that the child be involved in the preparation and planning travel.

Selecting the proper Camping; Select a site with sports facilities, game rooms, swimming pool, entertainment programs, so that children can be entertained during the stay and meets other children to play.

Analyze rates; Have attention to prices by age, as a general rule is free for children less than 3 years as we have in our campsite.

Choose plots near the bathrooms; if you have small children and you have to visit the bathroom frequently, it would be a good idea to choose plots near the swimming area for the trip as short as possible.

Children away from crowded areas; to avoid noise select plots away from crowded areas.

Perform activities related to nature; If one of his first contacts with nature and the outdoors, it would be fun to do activities like flying kites, treasure hunt, walk on the beach …

Take any unforeseen material; with haves tents sleeping bags, pillows and mats, as well as a first aid kit, insect repellent, sunscreen, several flashlights, towels and toilet paper. To prepare the meals need a camping gas, plastic flatware , napkins , supplies of food and drink, a cigarette lighter, a pocket knife and garbage bags.

Show respect for the environment; throughout the duration of our camping holiday, it is imperative show an attitude of respect for the environment and transmits to our children respect for nature. – Wikihow

Sure there are many more tips that I could give, but the basic thing is that you come wanting to spend a relaxing holiday, surrounded by family, nature, beach, camping animation and fully adapted for the enjoyment of children. I hope these tips can help you to go camping with children and can come to La Marina to implement them.

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