How to Select the Right ATV Size for You

All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) come in a variety of sizes, thus it is crucial to select one that fits your riding needs and capability as well as to your size.

When deciding to purchase an ATV for sale, it is important to consider what type do you want including its suspension system and engine. One of the factors affecting the comfort in riding an ATV is its size. In view of the fact that ATV is a valuable investment, you should take an extra careful when choosing this vehicle particularly with the size that best fits your riding needs. Before deciding to make a purchase, ensure that you have discussed the needed requirement as well as available options with the dealer. Otherwise, read this article to get more helpful tips on how to shop for the best ATV the suits your needs. Or if you are just looking for an ATV ride instead of buying an ATV then take a look at tours of Zion.

Riding Merrimac Trail
Photo Credit: B A Bowen Photography

Engine: Air Cooled or Liquid Cooled

One of the factors to consider in purchasing an ATV is to choose whether to go for an air cooled or liquid cooled engine. Liquid cooled engines can better perform during the hot summer season and basically can work efficiently as machine because it is geared to have more power. On one hand, air cooled engine can likewise generate fine performance, however, it has less power causing it to work even harder and rev higher resulting to a less engine longevity.

Weight and Height

Height and weight are important considerations when choosing an ATV but not definitely an influencing factor when selecting the vehicle’s proper size. Basically most machines can provide room for a majority of people. Sized ATVs are made suitable for most people because it is built with a powerful engine that can accommodate a variety of people’s riding style and weight. On the other hand, smaller squads may not be suitable for taller riders since it restricts them to comfortable extend their legs causing cramps and lower riding performance.  Practically, when a rider often crouches or rises off an ATV or quad, the size does not necessarily matters.

ATVs for Children

There are ATVs that are specifically designed for children. These are built smaller, lighter and even less expensive while some are generally designed for competitive riding. As some children love to have an adventure like riding an ATV, particular guidelines are to be followed to ensure their safety. Normally, the engine size of ATV for children is approximately 120cc and sits much lower to the ground. ATV for smaller ones also does not have the kind of suspension that is built in ATVs for adults and is basically motivated by a two wheel drive. To guarantee a safer ride for kids, most of these youth ATVs are designed with safety feature such as the governor that limits the maximum speed.


Quads are generally built for recreational riding. These are designed to provide excitement to adults and kids alike. If you wanted to have an experience, you cans elect one that is easy to maneuver. If you are a beginner there are quads designed in a two wheel drive and not meant to tackle mud and boulders. However, quads are greatly used for off the road riding and racing as well.

Depending on your riding style picking the right sized ATV is easier. There are some who would prefer this machine for a casual drive while others use this vehicle for off the trail riding or competitive activities such as racing. Quads are also used by some people on their adventures such as fishing, hunting, snow plowing, dirt racing or cargo handling. Large ATVs for high performance and tough courses are usually built with an engine size of 400cc. This machine needs to be designed much bigger to give room for transmission, powerful engine and suspension that is geared for rough, wooden or sandy terrains and rugged trails.

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