10 Tips to find cheap flights

If you’re planning to fly anywhere for your vacation this year make certain you read these little tips to get the cheapest airfare you can get. There are a lot of tricks and tips out there, and when on our last trip to see some Bryce Canyon attractions were able to find the cheapest and best airfare around.
Southwest Airlines seats at PHX

# 1 Plan ahead, it pays

The closer a travel date gets, the higher the price of airline tickets. For the cheapest flights you are looking for the best 3 weeks or more prior to departure, as prices normally 21 days, 14 days, 7 days and 3 days before departure will be further increased.

# 2 Be flexible

If you are not tied to fixed times, you’re clearly at an advantage. In part, it is already cheaper to arrive a day early and enjoy the extra day.

# 3 Avoid peak travel days

In short, if all go on trips, then the demand for the space available, the prices is large, small, and accordingly high.If it is possible to avoid the school holidays, public holidays and special travel waves (events, etc.)

# 4 Use the search radius

Many budget airlines fly to alternate airports with lower airport costs and the ticket prices are usually cheaper. You also have the advantage that prevails at these airports usually less traffic, the car rental prices are often cheaper and there is usually no crowds or queues.

When you’re with checkfelix.Submit looking for the cheapest flight you choose the best the “nearby airports” and you automatically get the prices of airports within the main airport displays

# 5 Saving with one-way tickets

Sometimes it can pay off to book two one-way tickets instead of a round-trip airline tickets. Although this is rare, but it may be the time to buy value be two tickets, and possibly to fly from various airports or go back.

# 6 Book Quick

If you want a cheap flight ‘ve found, to shock! Good flight deals are not usually last long, and just now available flight may be fully booked in the next minute or second.

# 7 Use bonus programs

If you are not yet registered for a bonus program, so you should do this as quickly as possible, it’s usually free anyway. With every flight you collect miles, and could fly cheaper or even free again with enough credit for neighbor.

# 8 Search more times a day

Morning, noon, evening. Fares are constantly changing, seeking multiple times throughout the day by the same route in order to find the best flight.

Book # 9 attempts on Tuesday

Update! The following has not been confirmed in our test : book your trip on Tuesday just after 18 clock, then the prices are very low. Because airlines provide at this time, the tariffs for the next week in the system. The time must be in the country of establishment of the airline must be at least 18 clock, otherwise sooner or later accordingly.

# 10 Fly Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday

The best day of the week for flights are Tuesday, Wednesday (Thursday goes too) and Saturday. Which brings us back to point 2, Flexibility pays off.

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Rights and Flights – is worth waiting at the airport for cash

I love airports. Almost everything in it. If I aground between check-in counters and boarding, because the plane is late, it is pure joy. Perhaps it is this pattern of behavior therapy, for the following lines but that does not matter. Because no matter whether you share my penchant for airport atmosphere, or waiting feels as consistently annoying: Passengers have a right to compensation for delay case. Starting two hours refreshments are popular with short flights, from three hours to ring the cash register. At least in theory. Actually to get his money also, is now easier than ever. We encountered this last year as we needed to get money back from a popular trip to get married near Zion, when the flight went long and cost us some things.

Airport, Bordeaux

Tropical trip in the jungle of paragraphs

Are not always the consequences of a delayed flight, or even a flight failure, Peanuts. Remaining on the ground cause both sensitive financial and hardly reparable damage to an intangible. Itinerary nixed? Late for a friend’s wedding? Too late for your own wedding? Exactly what would be one of the creators of the portal right flight nearly happens. But let’s start with the legal principles based on which everyone – no arbitration bodies – can claim his right to compensation for airlines.

Waiting at the airport is not always great, flight delays can be worth money.

On the basis of facts

Even before almost ten years, the US has created a set of rules to safeguard the rights of passengers. This move reflected the increasing liberalization of the aviation sector. Of course, it would not be the US, they would have their passenger Regulation of 2004 ( 261/2004/EG ) formulated to at least keep track of legal experts. To make matters worse, the US court continually engages in various deeds binding legal interpretation of the laws work.

So the thing currently looks:

Cases in which airlines are required to compensation?

The right to compensation will arise in flight failure and delayed flight from a certain duration. Furthermore, in an involuntary denied boarding, such as when a plane is overbooked.

Which airlines can be held responsible?

Is the flight from an US airport, the US regulation can be applied to all airlines. In the case of flights by non-US countries into the US, the airlines in the US must be established.

What conditions must I meet as a passenger in order to enforce my rights?

It is assumed that you can submit a valid flight reservation – because it should not fail. More likely to stumble on the timely appearance at the check-in desk. If it is not stated on the reservation latest check-in time is: at least 45 minutes before departure.

Limited circumstances under which airlines get away with it?

Air carrier shall make no indemnification obligation, when it comes to airport or airspace closures due to “exceptional circumstances”. These include natural disasters such as the moody ash from the Icelandic volcano in April 2010 as well as “extreme weather conditions”. Onset of winter are a borderline case and offer a fertile field for endless quarrels. For technical friable it is up to the airline to prove its innocence. Caution: Strikes are usually “exceptional circumstances” slammed and decided in favor of the airlines.

What compensation can be claimed from when?

Already starting two hours late (for short-haul flights of up to 1,500 kilometers; during long-haul flights an hour later) are airlines to support services required. These include, in addition to the information to passengers about the reason for the delay and a catering. Can the flight be commenced until the following day, the airline must provide hotel accommodation and arrange transfer. New: In the case of natural disasters airlines have to pay for food and accommodation, which ruled the ECJ.

For a flight failure – according to the ECJ to include flights that are three hours or more late! – Money starts to flow (an additional refund of the ticket price is from five hours). The compensation payments are staggered flight distance. Discontinued for short flights up to 1,500 km later a compensation of 250 euros to long-haul flights up to 3,500 km Restaurant 400 euros, even longer flight distances are paid 600 euros.

Can the indemnity be reduced?

The compensation is halved, if the airline can offer a replacement flight, originally planned for the relatively timely arrival at the destination landing (flights up to 1,500 km max. 2 hours later, from 1,500 km max. 3 hours).

As air travel is regulated with connecting flights?

Complicated is the matter if the flight to the destination composed of Connecting. Taken a two-hour delay of the first flight is due for payment no harm, but can result in – lead to a much larger delay at the destination – due to missed connecting flights. The precedent of a German couple, Air France delayed from Bremen via Paris, flew to South America, has moved the Court to rethink. The decisive factor is now not the delay of departure, but the delay at the destination. This is three hours or more, compensation payments are due – assuming all flights were booked at the same airline.

Salt Lake City Airport

Right for your flight!

Who has beaten far through the legislative thicket, still faces some hurdles. Airlines rarely pay compensation voluntarily. In general, applicants are saddled with a large bureaucracy, sometimes they are also stalled. Comes to shove, go a few risk a lawsuit. Can help in Austria the service center for air rights from the Federal Ministry of Transport (free). The fastest and most convenient way to provide compensation as specialized web portals flight right . You earn the right, if necessary, in court. The user will not be charged – even in the event of a legal defeat – but he shelled out for a success fee in the amount of 25 percent (plus VAT) of his total compensation.

Judging by the saving of paperwork and stress seems manageable. The use of the portal is really easy. In a large search (“Compensation Calculator”) are registered airline, flight number and date – already running the test, whether compensation is justified. A bit reminded of a flight reservation, the bottom line is that not only the cost but a profit number there.

Conclusion: If you wait long at the airport, has the right to compensation. The first attempt to demand it, should always be done with the airline for the sake of fairness. Adorns this, there is nothing wrong with a right service portal.

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Speed Through Security

American Airlines Checkin at DFW Terminal D Photo i031 by Grant WickesPhoto Credit:Grant Wickes

You’re in a rush to get on that flight, the last thing you need is to get caught up in an airport security line. But if you pack smart and dress smart you can speed through that line like a seasoned business traveler. That’s what we found as we went to a St George hotel.

Here are some tips on packing smart: Organize the contents of your carry-on bags in neat layers, pack a layer of clothes, then electronics, more clothes and so on. This will give security officers a clearer view of what’s in your bag when it passes through the x-ray machine.
Consider buying a security friendly bag for your laptop, security officials are now allowing business travelers to leave their laptops in their bags if those bags meet checkpoint friendly standards.

These bags are designed to provide an unobstructed view of the laptop as it goes through the x-ray machine and they’ll save you the time and trouble of getting your laptop in and out of the bag. If you pack any gifts for clients or colleagues don’t wrap them as a security officer may need to unwrap the gift to inspect it and if you’re bringing liquids through security, remember Ziploc bag.

Now for dressing smart; remove keys, loose change, heavy jewelry, cell phones, berets, belt buckles and other items that might set off the alarm. You want to avoid having to undergo additional screening including a hand one and a pat down inspection, wear slip-on shoes as possible since you’re required to remove your shoes and put them on the belt to be x-rayed, it’s wise to wear shoes that you can take off and put back on quickly without having to sit down.

Airport security lines are an unavoidable part of business travel but if you follow these tips you should get through with little hassle and be on your way.

International Travel Tips – Part Three

Now another thing to keep in mind; if travelling internationally in different countries different voltage for appliances. So if you’re travelling with a hairdryer, a computer, lot of camera batteries are now rechargeable, you want to make sure that you have the right adapter and converter for that country. This summer we saw first hand the problems adapters can make when traveling with a Utah tour group, some of our companions from Europe found out the hard way that some things don’t work without an adapter.

Aspens and Capitol Reef from Larb Hollow

Photo Credit: bumeister1

Now mine are pretty old, kind of lasting, I’ve had this forever but you can just see by looking at this, they’re very different from what we have here plugging in to different wall sockets. So again; you want to make sure that you have those and there are resources online, we’ll connect you to some of them, we’ll tell you what you need for which country you’re going to because it could be 220 voltage or it could be 120 in this country.

Another thing we put together is sort of a care package for you as you’re travelling onto the plane, some of the things I think you should have; wet ones handy wipes, always good. Do you know how many people have been on that plane and you’re touching everything, your kids are touching everything. A stain stick tied to go, we loved this, it’s easy, it’s small, it fits right in your carry-on and gets out any stains you might get, cranberry juice; yeah I’ve done that on flight before, some vitamin C, I need this right now and on airborne, you could do one or the other but think about that recycled air on the plane.

Lots of people coughing and sneezing, you’re sharing air enduring with everyone and then of course the breath mints just so you can freshen up. This has been a fine episode, we’re going to come back, oh chopstick, I don’t want to forget that. Our sound guy recommended it and I’m addicted to it, always good because you do dry out, make sure you drink a lot of water on the flight.

Dehydration often cause of things like altitude sickness and just jetlags so you want to make sure that you’re drinking lots and lots of water. So now I’m going to close the episode, it’s been a lot of fun and as I was saying we will come back. In a few weeks we’re going to do a whole show on packing.

That’s right! Ways to packs so you can fill up your luggage, get in as much stuff in there but not wrinkle your clothes, it’s going to be a great episode. This has been fun, I hope you summer travels are wonderful; I look forward to seeing you next time on 6 Minute Style.

This week’s quick trip we want to send you off on your travels with all of the information you need. That’s right; you’re travelling to other countries, you need to know how they do things and how they react to things. Wearing a holty top shorts maybe not a good idea in parts of Europe especially if you’re visiting a church.

There’s always a good thing to learn if you’re travelling into another country, you should pick up a few pieces of their vocabulary so you can interact with them. Thanks so much for stopping in and join us again; happy travels.

International Travel Tips – Part Two

Part Two:

Now another site that I really like; this is kayak.com. I use this pretty regularly when travelling because what it does is it pulls up all of the airlines and then orbits, Travelocity all of the other search engines and it gives a comparison of prices and of times so you can make a decision based on what works for you and your family, hotwire.com if you have some flexibility, you might want to check this site out. We used hotwire last time when we went white water rafting Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Now again; you don’t know exactly the time you’re flying but you’ll know the window and this is one that’s great for flexibility, people who have some freedom in their travel time and they don’t have a business appointment they need to get to. Okay, passports, currency and credit cards, I’m not going to hold my credit cards up, you know, with the use of the internet world out there.

With passports you’re travelling internationally, you have to have this. There are passport offices all around the country where you can go in, an in-person get signed up and get your passport ordered, we’ll have information for that on our website. If you are renewing your passport you can do it by mail if you have your old and it is in good shape. If your passport is damaged and or missing you’re going to have to go to any offices and do it in person.
Now as far as the timeline on your passport; some countries require when you’re travelling there that your passport expiration date is 6 months beyond your travel date, so keep the in mind. For instance; China is one of those countries and we plan to go there sometime in the next year, we have to make sure our passports have the good 6 months of adding on them.
So check that out and again we’ll have information on our website. Let’s talk a little bit about currency; this is a Euro 20 … I was just going to say $20 but it’s 20 Euro, it’s actually worth more than $20, it’s probably quite a bit more right now at the exchange rate. Before we went to Europe on our last trip we actually went into our local bank and got Euro’s and I was very glad because when we got there we need to take a cab and we wouldn’t been able to pay them.

So we want to make sure we get a little money in advance. In a smaller town banks don’t carry different currencies so they might need a week or so to order that. So you want to keep that in mind, larger city is you’ll probably have no trouble. Let’s talk about credit cards; now you want to do your research because you can use your ATM abroad, you can use your credit card abroad but you will find different rate. Some banks will charge you a per transaction fee when you’re withdrawing money, it could be $5, it could be $2 then if you use your credit card you might get charged at AT&T, you might also get charge a rate to exchange the money, yeah you get charged for the pleasure of spending you one currency and then switching it back to dollar.

So go ahead and call … when we travel recently we found American Express card and our Wells Fargo ATM where the way to go. And speaking of currency, again I go back to getting money ahead of time because if you get it to the airports, when you land you can certainly change your … there’s tons of exchange booths there for currency, they’re going to charge you, so it’s much more affordable and practical do it ahead of time and just carry a little bit of foreign currency with you.

International Travel Tips – Part One

Often times when people are travelling they dread going through security at the airport but there are some tips that you can follow to make it a little bit easier for you and probably for the people standing behind you. We experienced some trouble this year when going Grand Canyon river rafting that made us realize we need to be more prepared.

First of all; know that you’re probably going to have to take your coat off; if you’re travelling during the colder months you don’t want to layer too many pieces of clothing because you’re going to take off a lot of them. Other things, your belt, you probably want to take your belt off, keep that in mind, anything in your pocket that is metal, some pieces of jewelry, some coins will set off the alarms, anything you can do to minimized that.

There are small little tracer that you can put your stuff in but again; put all of those heavy metal items into your carry-on, it’s going to save a lot of time for you and for the people behind you. And other thing; in your carry-on luggage you know you can only take liquids in three ounce containers. If you don’t know that you know that now. Three ounces or less for aerosols and all of your liquids, they all have to be put in see-thru containers and then put into a 1 quart plastic bag, that’s right; it’s just 1 quart, it’s not very big.

This is the size and it is one bag per traveler. Anything bigger that you need to take with you, put it to your checked luggage, not a problem. Speaking of luggage; you can no longer lock your bags that you’re checking through security at the airport but you need to leave them unlock unless of course you picked up one of these locks that is approved by the transportation security administration. It’s about $11, you can find them at most luggage storage, triple A, I actually carry them, I pick this up there locally, so again; $11.
The trick with these is that there’s actually a master key that all of the security agents has so they can open your luggage if they need to perform a search. Another thing; I’m going to reach over … talking about the three ounces … TSA that is the Transportation Security Administration again and they have recently made some changes to their rules, so if you have prescription medicines, if you have breast milk or baby food or juice for a young child that is travelling with you, you are okay to carry those on in larger amounts than three ounces, you just need to make them aware of it.

So you need to pull it out at your carry-on luggage again and make sure that they bring these and they see the child or the prescription with your medicine. Okay so we’ve gotten in through a security but we need to back up, you need a ticket to travel. So we have some great ideas of where you can get tickets and what time of day, that’s right, there are days of the week and times that are better for buying a ticket’ Wednesdays between 12 and 1 am, yeah you’re just up late and get online but you know what, it’s probably worth it, this is the window when airline starts releasing their tickets. Now the trick is to make sure you’re looking in the time zone that that airline is headquartered it. so Frontier Airlines; headquartered in Denver, so it be 12 to 1 am rocky mountain time, Wednesdays keep that in mind.

These are just a few tips but I have some more coming in part two and three.

Get a Seat Upgrade

Okay you’re at the airport, you’ve got your airline reservation, you even have your seat assignment, but now what do you really want? I know what you want, you want the upgrade. So how are you going to get it? It all goes down to right here, that counter and the person behind that counter, it’s how you act, how you dress, the questions that you ask and the answers that you get will determine whether you really get that upgrade, or if you’re stuck in that dreaded center seat.

Let me explain; first you’ve got to dress for success, if you show up wearing ripped jeans, sneakers, tank tops or a backpack you’re guaranteed to get the back of the bus.

The key here; look presentable, it couldn’t hurt, second; pick flights in the middle of the day and in the middle of the week. They’re less crowded and more likely they have empty seats at front.

And third and perhaps the most important, don’t just walk up to a counter agent and ask for the upgrade, that’s a sure way to get you a no. Instead, simply being nice to the counter agent, they have one of worst jobs out there and everyone is always asking them for something except for you.

As strange as it sounds, the best way to get an upgrade is not ask for one at all. That’s right, if you don’t ask you just might get it.

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