Tips and Tricks When Buying Used Cars While Traveling

If the desired model is chosen only once, then many roads lead to the goal. That is what we learned recently on a trip to Southern Utah where we picked up a used car to make a road trip home instead of using an airline to get there. We had luck with a used cars St George place, where they made our road trip travel plans home a reality. Here’s what we found out while attempting to make this vacation not just another run of the mile vacation.

The advantage of a used car purchase from the dealer is the used car warranty that a private seller can not offer.

Used Cars St George
Photo Credit: J.B. Hill

To avoid unpleasant surprises when private used car purchase, you should pay attention to a few things.

  • Check the car exactly
  • How can you tell that the hand is really in top condition, or at least worth the money if you can trust the seller or this conceals an accident damage, it shows when you often only when testing the car.
  • Thus, the no longer used in the workshop than on the road, you should note the following before signing the contract.

Paint damage

First, you should look carefully where the paint is off. Is the paint from? The painting reveals a lot about any accidents, rust and general condition of the desired car. Check the painting in daylight and check for scratches and dents from a diagonal angle is sometimes only a bump to the view.

Looking specifically at the outer skin along to track repainting as paint mist, “orange peel” or color differences that something about the reveal past the car.

Uneven gaps and transitions on doors, hood, trunk lid, fenders, etc. betrayed accidents and should arouse your suspicion in any case.

Rust and wear

Wheel arches, underbody, exhaust should be examined strictly on rust stains. Check details such as headlight lenses and outdoor lights.

Look at rest of the interior, the trunk and especially the engine.
too, if you notice excessive wear, you should go in Hab-eight position.

Repair tracks in the engine compartment should be explained by the seller. You should also consider how the condition of the parts such as the battery.

Test engine

Examine oil, water and acid level. Maybe it can be seen whether the vehicle is well maintained.

If you run the engine, make sure that the car breathe properly and the idle speed is constant. Uneven or unusual engine noises like chattering or rattling you should make skeptical.


If the formalities? Are all car documents available? If the information in the registration document with those of the same vehicle? Inspections and maintenance has been performed on time and these were documented in a logbook?

Conversions should also be documented, as subsequently fitted accessories should be entered in the vehicle documents.
There must be a general operating permit.

Show the time intervals and mileage logically or may have been tampered with here on the speedometer?
Make sure a test drive, which should offer the contractor without being asked.

Test drive

Before driving you should consider the following:
Is there insurance, is there a deductible?

Do not forget to bring the vehicle registration.

Give it time!

Basically at the time of pick up: Take your time!

And check the used car that is as new acquisition before the house, exactly.

Once all documents are checked for completeness, you can just tell the car and how it works. Sometimes the electronics can be tricky, so it is reasonable to ask to see the technical finesse.

Used Honda – Tips for Buying

We were traveling recently and were in need of a used car, we’ve always been fond of Honda’s so we set out to find ourselves a used car St George Utah, so we could road trip back with it. We had flown to St George Utah and wanted to take the long way back, so traveling to purchase a used car seemed like the perfect idea. Here’s what we learned by doing that.

Used car
Photo Credit: Sonny Abesamis

When pricing, age and the condition of the cars determine the selling price. However, buyers should not only have a focus on price, but also pay attention to important details, so that the future dream car for a bargain price, will not be a costly mistake, or an  investment with substantial defects.Whether a used Honda is now purchased from commercial car dealer or from a private seller is entirely up to individual discretion of the buyer. Both variants have their pros and cons. If, at the dealers there are often warranty’s offered that are good for several months so this is usually excluded when purchasing from a private party. For this, the bargaining range is usually greater in contrast to the dealer. If the car is in a good condition, and all maintenance intervals have been observed according checkbook, then there is often little reason not to purchase from private hands.

What should I look at buying

In order to assess the paint realistically, the car should be clean and dry. Therefore, sightseeing in the rain make little sense.  If the paint is inspected, the gaps can also be checked at the same doors, trunk and hood. A look at the tires should reveals age and condition. The DOT number will reflect the date of manufacture and thus the age of the tires. The 4508 numbers mean for example: calendar week 45 / year of manufacture 2008. Despite the good profile tires of at least 1.6 mm in summer and 5 mm for winter tires are older than 5 or 6 years, need to be replaced.

A further control apply brake pads and discs. If the brake pad thickness less than 8 mm, and the disks are free from grooves or even hairline cracks? A lighting test provides information about the functionality of the headlights, tail lights and turn signals. The engine should be dry in the assessment. So is noticed immediately, if there are leaks in the engine compartment. Finally then shows up on the test drive, if the transmission also turns clean, the engine runs smoothly and produce axis and shock no rumbling noise. Specifically, the shock absorbers can at Honda car ever times lead to problems. Also, gaps and poorly fitting hatch the Honda Civic, are weaknesses to the attention should be paid on the purchase.

Vacations Ideas for Couples and Families

The holidays are just around the corner and it’s time to plan a vacation for rejuvenation and fun for the whole family. However, if not planned, exciting and fun vacations can become a nightmare. Here are some tips and vacation ideas for couples and for planning a family vacation that is relaxing and fun for everyone.

Before taking a family vacation get everyone’s opinion before deciding on a destination. Choose a location where some can shop, children can obtain avenues lot of fun and you can savor the mesmerizing beauty of nature. However, make sure that the destination has lots of entertained opportunities for all family members.

Family snapshot...Photo Credit: Richard Outram

Before embarking on a vacation, plan your route to avoid last minute delays and arguments. Get a map of the place you are visiting and identify places of interest. Decide the shows or events you would like to attend. Children often get lost in crowded places. Do not forget to be labeled with the names and cell phone numbers on the bags if their children in case of a emergency. Search the Internet and check out the details about the time of the desired destination. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing and other essentials to avoid problems that can ruin your holiday fun. List the things you need and check each item while packing.

You can even take a tour planned to contact a travel agent and hotel reservations and airline tickets in advance. When booking in advance for air travel and accommodation you can save money and choose the mode of transport and accommodation according to your taste. Many websites provide information on the number of tickets available and offer the best deals on airfare and hotel reservations. But note that you use a secure portal to transact through your debit card or credit card. Another important thing to consider is to take travelers checks and currency of the place you are visiting.

Once you have come to visit places of interest and attend special events and programs that are being organized. If you are an adrenaline junkie, you can try the destinations that provide opportunities for adventure sports like rafting and mountaineering. Or if you are an art lover, places like Athens and Greece can quench their thirst of architectural masterpieces. Wherever you go, be safe and keep an eye on children. Do not get too friendly with strangers. Finally have fun on your vacation.

International Travel Tips – Part Three

Now another thing to keep in mind; if travelling internationally in different countries different voltage for appliances. So if you’re travelling with a hairdryer, a computer, lot of camera batteries are now rechargeable, you want to make sure that you have the right adapter and converter for that country. This summer we saw first hand the problems adapters can make when traveling with a Utah tour group, some of our companions from Europe found out the hard way that some things don’t work without an adapter.

Aspens and Capitol Reef from Larb Hollow

Photo Credit: bumeister1

Now mine are pretty old, kind of lasting, I’ve had this forever but you can just see by looking at this, they’re very different from what we have here plugging in to different wall sockets. So again; you want to make sure that you have those and there are resources online, we’ll connect you to some of them, we’ll tell you what you need for which country you’re going to because it could be 220 voltage or it could be 120 in this country.

Another thing we put together is sort of a care package for you as you’re travelling onto the plane, some of the things I think you should have; wet ones handy wipes, always good. Do you know how many people have been on that plane and you’re touching everything, your kids are touching everything. A stain stick tied to go, we loved this, it’s easy, it’s small, it fits right in your carry-on and gets out any stains you might get, cranberry juice; yeah I’ve done that on flight before, some vitamin C, I need this right now and on airborne, you could do one or the other but think about that recycled air on the plane.

Lots of people coughing and sneezing, you’re sharing air enduring with everyone and then of course the breath mints just so you can freshen up. This has been a fine episode, we’re going to come back, oh chopstick, I don’t want to forget that. Our sound guy recommended it and I’m addicted to it, always good because you do dry out, make sure you drink a lot of water on the flight.

Dehydration often cause of things like altitude sickness and just jetlags so you want to make sure that you’re drinking lots and lots of water. So now I’m going to close the episode, it’s been a lot of fun and as I was saying we will come back. In a few weeks we’re going to do a whole show on packing.

That’s right! Ways to packs so you can fill up your luggage, get in as much stuff in there but not wrinkle your clothes, it’s going to be a great episode. This has been fun, I hope you summer travels are wonderful; I look forward to seeing you next time on 6 Minute Style.

This week’s quick trip we want to send you off on your travels with all of the information you need. That’s right; you’re travelling to other countries, you need to know how they do things and how they react to things. Wearing a holty top shorts maybe not a good idea in parts of Europe especially if you’re visiting a church.

There’s always a good thing to learn if you’re travelling into another country, you should pick up a few pieces of their vocabulary so you can interact with them. Thanks so much for stopping in and join us again; happy travels.

International Travel Tips – Part Two

Part Two:

Now another site that I really like; this is I use this pretty regularly when travelling because what it does is it pulls up all of the airlines and then orbits, Travelocity all of the other search engines and it gives a comparison of prices and of times so you can make a decision based on what works for you and your family, if you have some flexibility, you might want to check this site out. We used hotwire last time when we went white water rafting Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Now again; you don’t know exactly the time you’re flying but you’ll know the window and this is one that’s great for flexibility, people who have some freedom in their travel time and they don’t have a business appointment they need to get to. Okay, passports, currency and credit cards, I’m not going to hold my credit cards up, you know, with the use of the internet world out there.

With passports you’re travelling internationally, you have to have this. There are passport offices all around the country where you can go in, an in-person get signed up and get your passport ordered, we’ll have information for that on our website. If you are renewing your passport you can do it by mail if you have your old and it is in good shape. If your passport is damaged and or missing you’re going to have to go to any offices and do it in person.
Now as far as the timeline on your passport; some countries require when you’re travelling there that your passport expiration date is 6 months beyond your travel date, so keep the in mind. For instance; China is one of those countries and we plan to go there sometime in the next year, we have to make sure our passports have the good 6 months of adding on them.
So check that out and again we’ll have information on our website. Let’s talk a little bit about currency; this is a Euro 20 … I was just going to say $20 but it’s 20 Euro, it’s actually worth more than $20, it’s probably quite a bit more right now at the exchange rate. Before we went to Europe on our last trip we actually went into our local bank and got Euro’s and I was very glad because when we got there we need to take a cab and we wouldn’t been able to pay them.

So we want to make sure we get a little money in advance. In a smaller town banks don’t carry different currencies so they might need a week or so to order that. So you want to keep that in mind, larger city is you’ll probably have no trouble. Let’s talk about credit cards; now you want to do your research because you can use your ATM abroad, you can use your credit card abroad but you will find different rate. Some banks will charge you a per transaction fee when you’re withdrawing money, it could be $5, it could be $2 then if you use your credit card you might get charged at AT&T, you might also get charge a rate to exchange the money, yeah you get charged for the pleasure of spending you one currency and then switching it back to dollar.

So go ahead and call … when we travel recently we found American Express card and our Wells Fargo ATM where the way to go. And speaking of currency, again I go back to getting money ahead of time because if you get it to the airports, when you land you can certainly change your … there’s tons of exchange booths there for currency, they’re going to charge you, so it’s much more affordable and practical do it ahead of time and just carry a little bit of foreign currency with you.

International Travel Tips – Part One

Often times when people are travelling they dread going through security at the airport but there are some tips that you can follow to make it a little bit easier for you and probably for the people standing behind you. We experienced some trouble this year when going Grand Canyon river rafting that made us realize we need to be more prepared.

First of all; know that you’re probably going to have to take your coat off; if you’re travelling during the colder months you don’t want to layer too many pieces of clothing because you’re going to take off a lot of them. Other things, your belt, you probably want to take your belt off, keep that in mind, anything in your pocket that is metal, some pieces of jewelry, some coins will set off the alarms, anything you can do to minimized that.

There are small little tracer that you can put your stuff in but again; put all of those heavy metal items into your carry-on, it’s going to save a lot of time for you and for the people behind you. And other thing; in your carry-on luggage you know you can only take liquids in three ounce containers. If you don’t know that you know that now. Three ounces or less for aerosols and all of your liquids, they all have to be put in see-thru containers and then put into a 1 quart plastic bag, that’s right; it’s just 1 quart, it’s not very big.

This is the size and it is one bag per traveler. Anything bigger that you need to take with you, put it to your checked luggage, not a problem. Speaking of luggage; you can no longer lock your bags that you’re checking through security at the airport but you need to leave them unlock unless of course you picked up one of these locks that is approved by the transportation security administration. It’s about $11, you can find them at most luggage storage, triple A, I actually carry them, I pick this up there locally, so again; $11.
The trick with these is that there’s actually a master key that all of the security agents has so they can open your luggage if they need to perform a search. Another thing; I’m going to reach over … talking about the three ounces … TSA that is the Transportation Security Administration again and they have recently made some changes to their rules, so if you have prescription medicines, if you have breast milk or baby food or juice for a young child that is travelling with you, you are okay to carry those on in larger amounts than three ounces, you just need to make them aware of it.

So you need to pull it out at your carry-on luggage again and make sure that they bring these and they see the child or the prescription with your medicine. Okay so we’ve gotten in through a security but we need to back up, you need a ticket to travel. So we have some great ideas of where you can get tickets and what time of day, that’s right, there are days of the week and times that are better for buying a ticket’ Wednesdays between 12 and 1 am, yeah you’re just up late and get online but you know what, it’s probably worth it, this is the window when airline starts releasing their tickets. Now the trick is to make sure you’re looking in the time zone that that airline is headquartered it. so Frontier Airlines; headquartered in Denver, so it be 12 to 1 am rocky mountain time, Wednesdays keep that in mind.

These are just a few tips but I have some more coming in part two and three.

Lost of Stolen Passport – What to do About It

Your passport is the one most important document you need if you have to travel abroad. When you are abroad, it remains that important to prove your identity and your citizenship. Imagine loosing your most important document while you are supposed to be having the best time of your life at a very exotic destination. That is what we experienced when we lost an important document while trying to find some lodging in Zion.

That is probably something that you always think will never happen to you. The sad fact though is that it has happened to a lot of people before and it can happen to anyone including you. The best thing I guess is to prevent it from happening as much as possible.



But what if despite all preventive measures, it is still happened? What will you do then? Without a passport you can not just go back home. It will be a good thing if it was only your passport that was gone, which is of course highly unusual. At the most, you could probably lose your bag with your passport, wallet and credit cards inside. Now, that could really mean disaster. But then again, if you have been smart enough, you could have some backup plan. Like some money tucked somewhere else, or some other form of ID to prove who you are.
If you are not smart enough, then you are in a real predicament. Without any money you will not be able to even go anywhere or eat. Without identification you will not be able to get any money from an affiliated bank or from money transfer offices.

Here are the essential steps that you should take, in case this situation happens to you:

Go to the nearest police station and file a report. You need a copy of a police statement to prove to everyone that you have indeed lost your possessions.
Go to your embassy or consulate. They have the power to supply you with temporary passport. First you have to show them the police report and then provide them with all the information they need and as soon as they confirmed your identity, they will provide you with what you need. But first, you have to pay for your temporary passport. But, the problem is, you do not have a single cent.

Next, find a free Internet. You need to get in touch with people back home to let them know what happened to you and so that they can send you some financial help. You also need to contact your bank so they too can do some sort of money transfer.

These steps can easily remedy your predicament, but only if you have some money or some sort of identification left in your person. Remember that you need some money for the temporary passport and the ID to get some money. But what if you do not have any of those left? Then you have to rely on the police report in your hand. In most cases, your embassy could issue you with some sort of documents proving that you lost all your belongings including your passport. You can use that piece of paper to fly back home. Again, this is the time when your police report will be very useful. Just show it to the airport official along with the embassy paper and try to be very nice and you will be on your way back home soon enough.

Photo Credit: yongmei

Simple Travel Tips

A Suggestion I Picked up from British Airways: From time to time people show up at the airport and start searching around saying “oh my gosh I don’t have my passport with me, I left it in the hotel safe.” And so their suggestion was put a shoe that you’re planning on wearing at home and put that in the safe with the passport, and then when you go to pack, and when you dress you realize that the shoes is in the safe and you can get the passport out too. That passport tip proved helpful last year when using some Bryce accommodations, I had left it in my shoes and would have forgotten if I hadn’t done that.

Bryce Canyon

Print Your Boarding Pass Early: By printing your boarding pass early you eliminate one stop at the airport even if you’re not checking a bag, you take a little bit of uncertainty about it out, but more importantly you claim your seat and if you’re an infrequent flyer flying from a cheap ticket and the plane is overbooked, you’re in danger of getting bumped from that flight. Since compensation is based on the price of your ticket, you’re typically axed as the cheapest ticket, so if you claim that seat early it makes it harder for the gate agent to bump you from the flight.

Pack Your Bag Uniquely: I think you have to customize your bag, put some ribbon on it or stickers or something. I use ribbon, cut it short so it doesn’t caught you in the machinery of baggage handling, put a business card or some kind of address inside if your name tag gets cut off by the machinery and the bag ends up lost somewhere, the airline is going to open it and look inside for clues that says to whose it is.

And it’s also important and just never never never pack valuables. I hear it over and over again from travelers who put jewelry in a bag or an IPod in a bag or something like that, well the baggage x-ray and so everybody who handles it one way or another see what’s inside and there have been lots of cases of theft from baggage, just don’t do it and you have to remember that even if you’re in a low boarding group your bag may end up getting checked at the gate. It’s important to remember that grab your valuables, grab your IPod, grab whatever you might need out of the bag before you hand it to the flight attendant.

It’s Easy To Lose Your License: Just do the same thing over and over again, when you go through with the driver’s license I instantly make sure I put it back in my wallet before I leave the little stand where the guy is checking your ID.

I think it’s good practice to put your big bags through the x-ray belt first soyour laptop is the last thing that goes through, if you get delayed at the metal detector or the body scanner machine, it’s the last to come out, you also have a place when it comes out because your other bags are already out. You don’t want to be the guy standing there holding on to your shoes, your laptop, you’re everything else and trying to waddle around in your bare feet.

Choosing The Right Room: Yeah the deal there is really one of personal choice, travelers have for years over requested the upper floor because it’s much more quiet; you don’t hear the garbage trucks in the morning, you don’t hear the ambulances, all that kind of stuff. But there are lots of companies that insist on travelers staying in lower floors, no higher than the 4th floor because the Fire Department ladders can get to you if there is a fire.

If you’re on an upper floor you’re on your own. I think it’s a matter of personal choice, what’s more important to you, the risk of fire obviously quite well and I do think the most important thing is no matter what floor you’re on, spend a little time figuring out where the emergency exit is, if there is a fire and the quarter is filled with smoke and you have to crawl which way would you go? Just know where you would go in case there is a fire.

Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn

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