Environmentally Friendly Travel Tips

Now that hot days are becoming increasingly frequent fancy taking the car and escape to any place out of town on weekends. For in those breaks be as respectful as possible to the environment, we offer a few tips to keep in mind. These are ones we developed when we left the ocean to travel inland to St George Utah, where we stayed at a beautiful little RV camp spot.

Continuing with the public awareness campaign “Connect and Reciclavidrio “in order to promote the recycling of glass in one of the most beautiful cities and more Elf Spain, Granada. And now that we are in the holiday season, we tend to change our routines and so I put some tips to continue caring for the environment and ecological travel more.

Eco friendly travel

Driving responsibly and respectfully

If you are planning your trip, it is best that the programs for first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon. At this time, less heat and therefore you will not need to turn on the air conditioning. The added advantage is that if a key date, leave very early or very late also saves you a few miles of jams.

If you’re hot, we advise using forced air circulation of the vehicle. Transmits feeling refreshed and not consume anything. If the temperature is too high, lowering the windows is not the solution, because it results in increased air resistance and thus a greater consumption. More appropriate would be to put the air conditioning on.

Another important recommendation is to not exceed the speed limits. Circling to consume less and speed limits are much more respectful of the environment. Besides, it is advisable to have the car with regular reviews that correspond in order. This ensures that the vehicle is efficient. Check the tires, the filter, the engine, the exhaust…

Finally should concentrate how beneficial it is to drive in the most efficient manner possible. Try to run at low revs and high gears and avoids giving braking and acceleration. Getting used to drive well only requires a little effort and your wallet and the environment will thank you.


- For our vanity, use reusable containers to fill travel size shampoo, gel or cream in order to reuse them on other trips and not have to buy every time we go on vacation.

- At the time of booking in a hotel, camping, etc. See if they have environmental care policies Reciclavidrio, for example the Planet 21 Accor Hotels, where their hotels are equipped with flow regulators on showers and taps waste or recycled as glass.

- Re-use bags to put shoes or dirty clothes in the suitcase.

- Carry rechargeable batteries for our gadgets.



- If we go to a buffet restaurant, make rational use of food as napkins or silverware. Sadly it is common to see tables filled with plates full of food in the end it will be consumed.

- At the hotel, make various uses to bath towels and not left on the floor after one use.

- If we go shopping, use a backpack to store our purchases to avoid having to use or buy plastic bags. At this point, if we have the opportunity to buy gifts that respect the environment, in many cities there are specialized markets and also remember not to buy to buy

Energy saving hotel room

Turn off lights when leaving the room

- When leaving the hotel room, make sure to turn off lights and air conditioning all in hotels that do not have the automatic shutdown to remove the ignition key of the room.

- If our holidays were spent in a campsite, use reusable tableware and napkins to avoid disposable tableware use.

- And finally do not forget to separate waste because recycling begins to separate.

Recycling glass

Separate for recycling

So I encourage you to not miss the usual recycle during your vacation and become part of a greener tourism and do not forget that if you are traveling through Granada, recycled glass and you can attend for free to Manuel Carrasco concert in Granada.  – About

It is very important having an Environmentally Friendly Travel to help save our mother earth.

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