Honeymoon: 5 destinations for an unforgettable honeymoon

Whether planning the wedding or the honeymoon: different people, different tastes. Some like it classic and white, others colorful and eccentric. The easiest way is to book an all inclusive honeymoon package. But, who wants a boring honeymoon? Our Manager is one of those who has compiled their honeymoon themselves. And after she has returned from her 6-week vacation from India, they brought us some nice tips on where it is particularly romantic. For a relaxing honeymoon, away from mass tourism. Tested and approved!

We took a chance for our honeymoon and spent it in Zion National Park in southern Utah. What a dream vacation we had sleeping underneath the huge red rock monoliths. But alas this article will highlight some additional places to stay.

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Honeymoon in an exotic city:

Udaipur , India Udaipur is one of the most romantic cities in India. Many Indians come here to get married and immediately afterwards to spend their honeymoon here. Here, many Bollywood films are shot – with a little luck can you get the hang of a film that is itself locally with experience. The beautiful Lake Pichola is often used as a backdrop, definitely a must-see. Many hostels and hotels have restaurants on their roof terraces, the Jheel Guest House is one of them. From here you can see across Lake Pichola, there is a great demand for kitchen and even hot showers. All this for just 40 euros a night – a real bargain. The Ambrai  restaurant is located on the other side of the lake and is well worth a visit. How about a romantic dinner in the garden overlooking the lake? Dinner is at 18 clock, it is best reserved a table right on the lake!

Honeymoon for the Classics:

Burlington , Vermont, USA: A good combination for those who want to mix a city break with excursions into nature. Best here to make a reservation, a cozy room in a Bed & Breakfast (many available online). Popular excursions to Camel’s Hump and Mount Mansfield, the two highest peaks in the region, can be organized easily. A healthy level of fitness is an advantage here, but alpine experience is not necessary. Both mountains are visible from the city, a great feeling to stroll in the evening through the city and hinaufzublicken to the summit. For golf enthusiasts, there are several driving ranges and golf courses with stunning mountain views. The Boyden Valley is ideal for a romantic trip with wine tasting at the foot of Mount Mansfield. This wine has been grown for over 20 years, one of the pioneers in the region. Alternatively, the Hill Farmstead offers traditional brewery tours with tasting.

Boquete , Panama: A unique destination for individual travelers on a honeymoon, away from other Päarchen. Here you can enjoy the time together as properly, for example in a small Bed & Breakfast in the jungle at the foot of the Baru volcano. In Tinamou, a small village in the vicinity, can be easily organize tours to coffee plantations. Or, how about a romantic stroll through the garden “Mi Jardin is Su Jardin” (free), Adena to the most romantic places in the world.

Honeymoon Beach for Girls & Boys

Patnem Beach , Goa Patnem In it is easy to lose all sense of time, adjoining the famous town of Palolem. Here escapes to the vendors on the beach and other tourists can go easily out of the way – unless you are looking for the contact. A great spot for earth to spend time together. Can simply drift from day to day, taste the fresh fruits, go to the small cafes and bars for a drink and enjoy the view of the open sea. Anyone want to let it go in the honeymoon really good cook something deeper reaches into the purse: Turtle Hill is a great, highly recommended property on the northern end of the beach.Easier and cheaper accommodation is available for example in Cuba (best to book at least a few days before!).“Namaste” is a romantic restaurant where a food is served right on the beach. Or how about a pampering massage at Päarchen Harmoic or Bhakti Kutir studio between Patnem and Palolem.

Treasure Beach , Jamaica: As the best honeymoon after all go to the beach, we have a second beach alternative for you: the Jamaican beach “Treasure Beach” on the south coast of Jamaica. With the arrival of one of Montego Bay is well shaken, however, this is worth the goal. The beach is safe and there is a friendly vibe before. Definitely not a party location, but for all those who prefer quiet and relaxed, exactly right. “Jake’s” is a good accommodation tip, as well as the“Calabash House” with home-cooked meals and a small beach suitable for swimming.


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