Hotel Cleanliness

Four seasons in DublinPhoto Credit:Ugg Boy, on flickr

Here is the question you need to ask before you ever get to a hotel room, how clean is it? And then even more important; what steps can you take to make sure it really stays clean. Let’s start with the bedspread; when you check-in in most hotel rooms this has got to go immediately, you know why? They only clean this puppy maybe twice a year so it has got to go but I’m just getting started. We found some fantastic rooms while on vacation in St George Utah.

You know what the number one item for bacteria is in your hotel room? It might surprise you, it’s your TV remote control unit so get some handy wipes on it but while you’re at it wipe off the telephone too because in the bacteria world, it’s number two.

The other little dirty hotel secret can be found in the bathroom, it’s not the toilet, it’s not the shower, it’s the bathtub, it’s the glass on the sink. That’s right. Most hotel maids are so heavily tasks in cleaning rooms, they don’t get around to replacing glasses between guests so they just run some off and put them back.

So here’s what you need to do; before you do anything else on the bathroom, come in, take the glass, run it under hot water for at least 2 ½ minutes, believe me you’ll be glad you did. So remember my advice; no bedspread, some antiseptic towelettes and some hot water on those glasses on the bathroom, you’ll have a much better stay.

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