International Travel Tips – Part Three

Now another thing to keep in mind; if travelling internationally in different countries different voltage for appliances. So if you’re travelling with a hairdryer, a computer, lot of camera batteries are now rechargeable, you want to make sure that you have the right adapter and converter for that country. This summer we saw first hand the problems adapters can make when traveling with a Utah tour group, some of our companions from Europe found out the hard way that some things don’t work without an adapter.

Aspens and Capitol Reef from Larb Hollow

Photo Credit: bumeister1

Now mine are pretty old, kind of lasting, I’ve had this forever but you can just see by looking at this, they’re very different from what we have here plugging in to different wall sockets. So again; you want to make sure that you have those and there are resources online, we’ll connect you to some of them, we’ll tell you what you need for which country you’re going to because it could be 220 voltage or it could be 120 in this country.

Another thing we put together is sort of a care package for you as you’re travelling onto the plane, some of the things I think you should have; wet ones handy wipes, always good. Do you know how many people have been on that plane and you’re touching everything, your kids are touching everything. A stain stick tied to go, we loved this, it’s easy, it’s small, it fits right in your carry-on and gets out any stains you might get, cranberry juice; yeah I’ve done that on flight before, some vitamin C, I need this right now and on airborne, you could do one or the other but think about that recycled air on the plane.

Lots of people coughing and sneezing, you’re sharing air enduring with everyone and then of course the breath mints just so you can freshen up. This has been a fine episode, we’re going to come back, oh chopstick, I don’t want to forget that. Our sound guy recommended it and I’m addicted to it, always good because you do dry out, make sure you drink a lot of water on the flight.

Dehydration often cause of things like altitude sickness and just jetlags so you want to make sure that you’re drinking lots and lots of water. So now I’m going to close the episode, it’s been a lot of fun and as I was saying we will come back. In a few weeks we’re going to do a whole show on packing.

That’s right! Ways to packs so you can fill up your luggage, get in as much stuff in there but not wrinkle your clothes, it’s going to be a great episode. This has been fun, I hope you summer travels are wonderful; I look forward to seeing you next time on 6 Minute Style.

This week’s quick trip we want to send you off on your travels with all of the information you need. That’s right; you’re travelling to other countries, you need to know how they do things and how they react to things. Wearing a holty top shorts maybe not a good idea in parts of Europe especially if you’re visiting a church.

There’s always a good thing to learn if you’re travelling into another country, you should pick up a few pieces of their vocabulary so you can interact with them. Thanks so much for stopping in and join us again; happy travels.

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