International Travel Tips – Part Two

Part Two:

Now another site that I really like; this is I use this pretty regularly when travelling because what it does is it pulls up all of the airlines and then orbits, Travelocity all of the other search engines and it gives a comparison of prices and of times so you can make a decision based on what works for you and your family, if you have some flexibility, you might want to check this site out. We used hotwire last time when we went white water rafting Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Now again; you don’t know exactly the time you’re flying but you’ll know the window and this is one that’s great for flexibility, people who have some freedom in their travel time and they don’t have a business appointment they need to get to. Okay, passports, currency and credit cards, I’m not going to hold my credit cards up, you know, with the use of the internet world out there.

With passports you’re travelling internationally, you have to have this. There are passport offices all around the country where you can go in, an in-person get signed up and get your passport ordered, we’ll have information for that on our website. If you are renewing your passport you can do it by mail if you have your old and it is in good shape. If your passport is damaged and or missing you’re going to have to go to any offices and do it in person.
Now as far as the timeline on your passport; some countries require when you’re travelling there that your passport expiration date is 6 months beyond your travel date, so keep the in mind. For instance; China is one of those countries and we plan to go there sometime in the next year, we have to make sure our passports have the good 6 months of adding on them.
So check that out and again we’ll have information on our website. Let’s talk a little bit about currency; this is a Euro 20 … I was just going to say $20 but it’s 20 Euro, it’s actually worth more than $20, it’s probably quite a bit more right now at the exchange rate. Before we went to Europe on our last trip we actually went into our local bank and got Euro’s and I was very glad because when we got there we need to take a cab and we wouldn’t been able to pay them.

So we want to make sure we get a little money in advance. In a smaller town banks don’t carry different currencies so they might need a week or so to order that. So you want to keep that in mind, larger city is you’ll probably have no trouble. Let’s talk about credit cards; now you want to do your research because you can use your ATM abroad, you can use your credit card abroad but you will find different rate. Some banks will charge you a per transaction fee when you’re withdrawing money, it could be $5, it could be $2 then if you use your credit card you might get charged at AT&T, you might also get charge a rate to exchange the money, yeah you get charged for the pleasure of spending you one currency and then switching it back to dollar.

So go ahead and call … when we travel recently we found American Express card and our Wells Fargo ATM where the way to go. And speaking of currency, again I go back to getting money ahead of time because if you get it to the airports, when you land you can certainly change your … there’s tons of exchange booths there for currency, they’re going to charge you, so it’s much more affordable and practical do it ahead of time and just carry a little bit of foreign currency with you.

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