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If you want to play like the greats of the sport, need to work hard and improve their game, to get excellence. However, it is extremely difficult to find extra time to practice and improve the quality of your game time.

Therefore, make use of any time you get working seriously. Remember, a disciplined practice routine is the key to your game volume gets to a higher level. So, work hard to improve the areas that need special attention. Convert your weaknesses into strengths, and also work on their strengths in order to increase its consistency.

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If you want to play like Tiger Woods who has become a complete player.  And to be a complete player, you need to improve your way of playing golf in all aspects. The initial practice can help you master the difficult part of the game. But remember: the body position and balance when you go the route is the secret to making great games. The most experienced coaches always include this theory in their golf lessons.

Try setting goals for you during practice sessions because a player with a professional mindset will never compromise their hours of practice. Practicing disciplined is the only way to reach the top of the sport! There is no other alternative way or shortcut to it.

Important and Tips in Playing Golf

Identify the key areas requiring development and make an impression of your game according to the needs. For example, if you need to work the extensions of your swing, practice continuously for about a week will leave you much more accurate than now. However, enjoy your hours of practice is vital to achieving success. You should never consider your training schedule as a burden because a negative mindset can easily become an obstacle in the path of improvement.

Golf is a game that requires the entire body; it needs the muscles and the mind.

Many people fail to understand the importance of physical appearance in a sport like this, but physical fitness is very important to succeed in golf at the highest level. At the same time, mental strength and flexibility are required to provide a competitive edge in your game. Therefore, the practice of mental exercises with your trainer on a regular basis will help you become a better player in the long term. In addition, specific exercises will greatly improve your power of imagination and visualization. Your coach will eventually help you think clearly, plan and create better strategies!


The basic objective of the sport is to hit the ball on all 18 holes of the course with the fewest strokes possible. Nobody knows for sure how this game came refined. The main clue points to a primitive version practiced in the Roman Empire, the paganica, where they used a stick to pocket a ball of wool. Have the modern golf only appear in the 15th century in Scotland, from where it spread to the rest of Europe. Professional circuits today , the count of the score is based on a so-called pair index, which shows the number of strokes set to bring the ball up the field every hole . When we say that a hole is par 3, for example, means that three shots are usually required to pocket the ball.

The sum of the pair of holes in the pair of the field, i.e., the average strokes to complete the circuit. “Besides being a reference to the player, the pair makes it easy to compare the performance of athletes that are in different holes,” says the golfer Roberto Gomes, Brazilian and South American champion. The players usually practice the sport accompanied by his caddy, a private helper of fundamental importance because, in addition to carrying the clubs, he gives tips on the best strategy to overcome each hole. In total, about 30 rules governing specific situations of the sport – as the player who hits the ball and the other are punished by two strokes. However, some sports are played with different regulations. In the game in teams, for example, only considers the number of strokes the player with the best performance in every hole. For more info please visit here.


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