Lost of Stolen Passport – What to do About It

Your passport is the one most important document you need if you have to travel abroad. When you are abroad, it remains that important to prove your identity and your citizenship. Imagine loosing your most important document while you are supposed to be having the best time of your life at a very exotic destination. That is what we experienced when we lost an important document while trying to find some lodging in Zion.

That is probably something that you always think will never happen to you. The sad fact though is that it has happened to a lot of people before and it can happen to anyone including you. The best thing I guess is to prevent it from happening as much as possible.



But what if despite all preventive measures, it is still happened? What will you do then? Without a passport you can not just go back home. It will be a good thing if it was only your passport that was gone, which is of course highly unusual. At the most, you could probably lose your bag with your passport, wallet and credit cards inside. Now, that could really mean disaster. But then again, if you have been smart enough, you could have some backup plan. Like some money tucked somewhere else, or some other form of ID to prove who you are.
If you are not smart enough, then you are in a real predicament. Without any money you will not be able to even go anywhere or eat. Without identification you will not be able to get any money from an affiliated bank or from money transfer offices.

Here are the essential steps that you should take, in case this situation happens to you:

Go to the nearest police station and file a report. You need a copy of a police statement to prove to everyone that you have indeed lost your possessions.
Go to your embassy or consulate. They have the power to supply you with temporary passport. First you have to show them the police report and then provide them with all the information they need and as soon as they confirmed your identity, they will provide you with what you need. But first, you have to pay for your temporary passport. But, the problem is, you do not have a single cent.

Next, find a free Internet. You need to get in touch with people back home to let them know what happened to you and so that they can send you some financial help. You also need to contact your bank so they too can do some sort of money transfer.

These steps can easily remedy your predicament, but only if you have some money or some sort of identification left in your person. Remember that you need some money for the temporary passport and the ID to get some money. But what if you do not have any of those left? Then you have to rely on the police report in your hand. In most cases, your embassy could issue you with some sort of documents proving that you lost all your belongings including your passport. You can use that piece of paper to fly back home. Again, this is the time when your police report will be very useful. Just show it to the airport official along with the embassy paper and try to be very nice and you will be on your way back home soon enough.

Photo Credit: yongmei

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