Metals Used in Jewelry Making

Jewelries are mostly made of metals and gemstones. But metals are more important because there are jewelry pieces that can go well without stones. Wedding bands are traditionally stone-less. Necklaces, bracelets and even brooches can also be created in pure metals. It’s things like this that came in handy when shopping for some St George engagement rings recently. You wouldn’t think we would travel to get an engagement ring, but sometimes that’s the best bet.

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If you are not very mush educated in metallurgy, then maybe it is about time to get some basic education on metals and their important role in jewelry making.

Metals in Jewelry Making

Out of the recognized 86 metals, only quite a few are used in creating contemporary jewelry. Here is a list I compiled of the metals hat are more popularly used for jewelry making:

·       Gold

Gold is perhaps the only substance mine under the earth that has truly captured the hearts and the awareness of mankind. Gold is known for its luster and rarity. This metal has been used not just as jewelry but also a mode of payment during the ancient times. Gold has been used as jewelry since time immemorial because of its unique ability to be easily worked on because it is soft and can be shaped effortlessly. Pure gold is actually not ideal for jewelry because it is too soft to handle, which is why other alloy metals are used like, zinc and copper. Gold is valued based on their Karat weights:

Ø  24 Karat means 99.9 percent gold

Ø  22 karat  means 91.7 percent gold

Ø  18 Karat means 75 percent gold

Ø  14 Karat means 58.3 percent gold

Ø  12 Karat means 50 percent gold

Ø  10 Karat means 41.7 percent gold

·       Silver

Silver is the metal that has been used in jewelry almost as long as man has used gold. Silver actually can be considered as a very lucky metal because it is the only jewelry metal that can be worn by men of Islamic Faith. The reason for this is that a silver ring was worn by the Prophet Muhammad. Greek Mythology also made a special mention of silver, because Apollo and Artemis were given silver bowls at birth. Pure silver is as soft as pure gold therefore other metals are required in order to make it durable in a jewelry setting.

·       Platinum

This white metal is extremely rare and because of that it is considered as a metal more precious than silver and gold. Actually platinum is more expensive than gold and it is also one of the heavier metals used for jewelry making. Popularity of platinum has made it one of the most preferred metals for engagement rings and wedding bands.

·       Titanium

This is a less commonly used metal for jewelry and it is earth’s hardest natural metal. The good thing about titanium is that it is very lightweight despite its hardness and it is also one hundred percent hypoallergenic, meaning titanium jewelry is safe for everyone to wear.

With this set of information on the most popularly used metals for jewelry, I do hope that you will find it easier to decide on which one you want for your jewelry piece.

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