Proper Jewelry Care

Jewelry is a precious thing that anyone can invest in. It usually has some sentimental values to most people and taking care of it is something that anyone should be mindful of. That is why it is important to understand how you can properly care for your precious jewelry because doing so will make a big difference in keeping the best quality of every piece, which makes them perfect to be passed on from one generation to another. If you are ever looking for wedding bands St George, then sometimes you’ve got to travel to get there.

Keeping a jewelry looking its finest is something that you should really focus on. After all a lot of money was spent on it, either by you or by someone who gave it to you.

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Everyday Caring for Jewelry

Always wear a good pair of rubber gloves when doing household chores. Some household cleansers that you used contain chemicals that can cause damage to your jewelry like take the sparkle and shine out of it. Chemical exposure can discolor and damage precious metals like platinum, gold and silver. If you can’t get the right exposure, then traveling for a purpose to find someone who can is a must.

Do not wear your jewelry when swimming in chlorinated pools. Chlorine has bleaching properties that will discolor your jewelry and will fade its natural luster.

Avoid exposing the gemstones to too much light. The sun’s rays are harmful to your jewelry and they can cause fading and weakening of certain gemstones like, topaz, amethyst and kunzite. Amber, on the other hand, may darken when over exposed to light.

It is best if you can avoid wearing your jewelry if you are regularly exposed to excessive heat. Like if you have to cook, it is better to remove your ring or necklace. Heat has the ability to get rid of some gems natural moisture required to keep its beauty. For example, pearls can crack, dry out and discolor over time. Opals develop small cracks and can either turn brown or white.

Proper Ways to care for your Precious Jewelry

·       It is recommended to clean most colored gems with mild soap and warm water with soft bristled brush.

·       For pearls, use of makeup brush is recommended because a soft bristled brush may scratch the surface.

·       Store your jewelry properly. Do not just toss it into your drawer or dresser top; these are places where it can easily be scratched or fractured.

·       If your jewelry comes with a pouch or a box from the store, then it is the most ideal place to keep it. Ring boxes usually come with individually padded slots and you should always put it there in order to keep its shape. Necklaces and bracelets are ideal to be hanged rather than tossed in jewelry boxes.

·       When traveling and you are taking your jewelry with you, the best protection is keep it well padded.

·       Always use hair spray first before wearing your jewelry.

·       For highly expensive pieces, it is recommended to have them insured.

Your jewelry is precious and to effectively make it last for a lifetime – like it should – it is also advisable to have it checked by a jeweler every once in a while. If you have access to jewelry cleaners, you have to make sure that you use them properly and then store them out of children’s reach.

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