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I love airports. Almost everything in it. If I aground between check-in counters and boarding, because the plane is late, it is pure joy. Perhaps it is this pattern of behavior therapy, for the following lines but that does not matter. Because no matter whether you share my penchant for airport atmosphere, or waiting feels as consistently annoying: Passengers have a right to compensation for delay case. Starting two hours refreshments are popular with short flights, from three hours to ring the cash register. At least in theory. Actually to get his money also, is now easier than ever. We encountered this last year as we needed to get money back from a popular trip to get married near Zion, when the flight went long and cost us some things.

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Are not always the consequences of a delayed flight, or even a flight failure, Peanuts. Remaining on the ground cause both sensitive financial and hardly reparable damage to an intangible. Itinerary nixed? Late for a friend’s wedding? Too late for your own wedding? Exactly what would be one of the creators of the portal right flight nearly happens. But let’s start with the legal principles based on which everyone – no arbitration bodies – can claim his right to compensation for airlines.

Waiting at the airport is not always great, flight delays can be worth money.

On the basis of facts

Even before almost ten years, the US has created a set of rules to safeguard the rights of passengers. This move reflected the increasing liberalization of the aviation sector. Of course, it would not be the US, they would have their passenger Regulation of 2004 ( 261/2004/EG ) formulated to at least keep track of legal experts. To make matters worse, the US court continually engages in various deeds binding legal interpretation of the laws work.

So the thing currently looks:

Cases in which airlines are required to compensation?

The right to compensation will arise in flight failure and delayed flight from a certain duration. Furthermore, in an involuntary denied boarding, such as when a plane is overbooked.

Which airlines can be held responsible?

Is the flight from an US airport, the US regulation can be applied to all airlines. In the case of flights by non-US countries into the US, the airlines in the US must be established.

What conditions must I meet as a passenger in order to enforce my rights?

It is assumed that you can submit a valid flight reservation – because it should not fail. More likely to stumble on the timely appearance at the check-in desk. If it is not stated on the reservation latest check-in time is: at least 45 minutes before departure.

Limited circumstances under which airlines get away with it?

Air carrier shall make no indemnification obligation, when it comes to airport or airspace closures due to “exceptional circumstances”. These include natural disasters such as the moody ash from the Icelandic volcano in April 2010 as well as “extreme weather conditions”. Onset of winter are a borderline case and offer a fertile field for endless quarrels. For technical friable it is up to the airline to prove its innocence. Caution: Strikes are usually “exceptional circumstances” slammed and decided in favor of the airlines.

What compensation can be claimed from when?

Already starting two hours late (for short-haul flights of up to 1,500 kilometers; during long-haul flights an hour later) are airlines to support services required. These include, in addition to the information to passengers about the reason for the delay and a catering. Can the flight be commenced until the following day, the airline must provide hotel accommodation and arrange transfer. New: In the case of natural disasters airlines have to pay for food and accommodation, which ruled the ECJ.

For a flight failure – according to the ECJ to include flights that are three hours or more late! – Money starts to flow (an additional refund of the ticket price is from five hours). The compensation payments are staggered flight distance. Discontinued for short flights up to 1,500 km later a compensation of 250 euros to long-haul flights up to 3,500 km Restaurant 400 euros, even longer flight distances are paid 600 euros.

Can the indemnity be reduced?

The compensation is halved, if the airline can offer a replacement flight, originally planned for the relatively timely arrival at the destination landing (flights up to 1,500 km max. 2 hours later, from 1,500 km max. 3 hours).

As air travel is regulated with connecting flights?

Complicated is the matter if the flight to the destination composed of Connecting. Taken a two-hour delay of the first flight is due for payment no harm, but can result in – lead to a much larger delay at the destination – due to missed connecting flights. The precedent of a German couple, Air France delayed from Bremen via Paris, flew to South America, has moved the Court to rethink. The decisive factor is now not the delay of departure, but the delay at the destination. This is three hours or more, compensation payments are due – assuming all flights were booked at the same airline.

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Right for your flight!

Who has beaten far through the legislative thicket, still faces some hurdles. Airlines rarely pay compensation voluntarily. In general, applicants are saddled with a large bureaucracy, sometimes they are also stalled. Comes to shove, go a few risk a lawsuit. Can help in Austria the service center for air rights from the Federal Ministry of Transport (free). The fastest and most convenient way to provide compensation as specialized web portals flight right . You earn the right, if necessary, in court. The user will not be charged – even in the event of a legal defeat – but he shelled out for a success fee in the amount of 25 percent (plus VAT) of his total compensation.

Judging by the saving of paperwork and stress seems manageable. The use of the portal is really easy. In a large search (“Compensation Calculator”) are registered airline, flight number and date – already running the test, whether compensation is justified. A bit reminded of a flight reservation, the bottom line is that not only the cost but a profit number there.

Conclusion: If you wait long at the airport, has the right to compensation. The first attempt to demand it, should always be done with the airline for the sake of fairness. Adorns this, there is nothing wrong with a right service portal.

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