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A Suggestion I Picked up from British Airways: From time to time people show up at the airport and start searching around saying “oh my gosh I don’t have my passport with me, I left it in the hotel safe.” And so their suggestion was put a shoe that you’re planning on wearing at home and put that in the safe with the passport, and then when you go to pack, and when you dress you realize that the shoes is in the safe and you can get the passport out too. That passport tip proved helpful last year when using some Bryce accommodations, I had left it in my shoes and would have forgotten if I hadn’t done that.

Bryce Canyon

Print Your Boarding Pass Early: By printing your boarding pass early you eliminate one stop at the airport even if you’re not checking a bag, you take a little bit of uncertainty about it out, but more importantly you claim your seat and if you’re an infrequent flyer flying from a cheap ticket and the plane is overbooked, you’re in danger of getting bumped from that flight. Since compensation is based on the price of your ticket, you’re typically axed as the cheapest ticket, so if you claim that seat early it makes it harder for the gate agent to bump you from the flight.

Pack Your Bag Uniquely: I think you have to customize your bag, put some ribbon on it or stickers or something. I use ribbon, cut it short so it doesn’t caught you in the machinery of baggage handling, put a business card or some kind of address inside if your name tag gets cut off by the machinery and the bag ends up lost somewhere, the airline is going to open it and look inside for clues that says to whose it is.

And it’s also important and just never never never pack valuables. I hear it over and over again from travelers who put jewelry in a bag or an IPod in a bag or something like that, well the baggage x-ray and so everybody who handles it one way or another see what’s inside and there have been lots of cases of theft from baggage, just don’t do it and you have to remember that even if you’re in a low boarding group your bag may end up getting checked at the gate. It’s important to remember that grab your valuables, grab your IPod, grab whatever you might need out of the bag before you hand it to the flight attendant.

It’s Easy To Lose Your License: Just do the same thing over and over again, when you go through with the driver’s license I instantly make sure I put it back in my wallet before I leave the little stand where the guy is checking your ID.

I think it’s good practice to put your big bags through the x-ray belt first soyour laptop is the last thing that goes through, if you get delayed at the metal detector or the body scanner machine, it’s the last to come out, you also have a place when it comes out because your other bags are already out. You don’t want to be the guy standing there holding on to your shoes, your laptop, you’re everything else and trying to waddle around in your bare feet.

Choosing The Right Room: Yeah the deal there is really one of personal choice, travelers have for years over requested the upper floor because it’s much more quiet; you don’t hear the garbage trucks in the morning, you don’t hear the ambulances, all that kind of stuff. But there are lots of companies that insist on travelers staying in lower floors, no higher than the 4th floor because the Fire Department ladders can get to you if there is a fire.

If you’re on an upper floor you’re on your own. I think it’s a matter of personal choice, what’s more important to you, the risk of fire obviously quite well and I do think the most important thing is no matter what floor you’re on, spend a little time figuring out where the emergency exit is, if there is a fire and the quarter is filled with smoke and you have to crawl which way would you go? Just know where you would go in case there is a fire.

Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn

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