Tips and Tricks When Buying Used Cars While Traveling

If the desired model is chosen only once, then many roads lead to the goal. That is what we learned recently on a trip to Southern Utah where we picked up a used car to make a road trip home instead of using an airline to get there. We had luck with a used cars St George place, where they made our road trip travel plans home a reality. Here’s what we found out while attempting to make this vacation not just another run of the mile vacation.

The advantage of a used car purchase from the dealer is the used car warranty that a private seller can not offer.

Used Cars St George
Photo Credit: J.B. Hill

To avoid unpleasant surprises when private used car purchase, you should pay attention to a few things.

  • Check the car exactly
  • How can you tell that the hand is really in top condition, or at least worth the money if you can trust the seller or this conceals an accident damage, it shows when you often only when testing the car.
  • Thus, the no longer used in the workshop than on the road, you should note the following before signing the contract.

Paint damage

First, you should look carefully where the paint is off. Is the paint from? The painting reveals a lot about any accidents, rust and general condition of the desired car. Check the painting in daylight and check for scratches and dents from a diagonal angle is sometimes only a bump to the view.

Looking specifically at the outer skin along to track repainting as paint mist, “orange peel” or color differences that something about the reveal past the car.

Uneven gaps and transitions on doors, hood, trunk lid, fenders, etc. betrayed accidents and should arouse your suspicion in any case.

Rust and wear

Wheel arches, underbody, exhaust should be examined strictly on rust stains. Check details such as headlight lenses and outdoor lights.

Look at rest of the interior, the trunk and especially the engine.
too, if you notice excessive wear, you should go in Hab-eight position.

Repair tracks in the engine compartment should be explained by the seller. You should also consider how the condition of the parts such as the battery.

Test engine

Examine oil, water and acid level. Maybe it can be seen whether the vehicle is well maintained.

If you run the engine, make sure that the car breathe properly and the idle speed is constant. Uneven or unusual engine noises like chattering or rattling you should make skeptical.


If the formalities? Are all car documents available? If the information in the registration document with those of the same vehicle? Inspections and maintenance has been performed on time and these were documented in a logbook?

Conversions should also be documented, as subsequently fitted accessories should be entered in the vehicle documents.
There must be a general operating permit.

Show the time intervals and mileage logically or may have been tampered with here on the speedometer?
Make sure a test drive, which should offer the contractor without being asked.

Test drive

Before driving you should consider the following:
Is there insurance, is there a deductible?

Do not forget to bring the vehicle registration.

Give it time!

Basically at the time of pick up: Take your time!

And check the used car that is as new acquisition before the house, exactly.

Once all documents are checked for completeness, you can just tell the car and how it works. Sometimes the electronics can be tricky, so it is reasonable to ask to see the technical finesse.

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