Used Honda – Tips for Buying

We were traveling recently and were in need of a used car, we’ve always been fond of Honda’s so we set out to find ourselves a used car St George Utah, so we could road trip back with it. We had flown to St George Utah and wanted to take the long way back, so traveling to purchase a used car seemed like the perfect idea. Here’s what we learned by doing that.

Used car
Photo Credit: Sonny Abesamis

When pricing, age and the condition of the cars determine the selling price. However, buyers should not only have a focus on price, but also pay attention to important details, so that the future dream car for a bargain price, will not be a costly mistake, or an  investment with substantial defects.Whether a used Honda is now purchased from commercial car dealer or from a private seller is entirely up to individual discretion of the buyer. Both variants have their pros and cons. If, at the dealers there are often warranty’s offered that are good for several months so this is usually excluded when purchasing from a private party. For this, the bargaining range is usually greater in contrast to the dealer. If the car is in a good condition, and all maintenance intervals have been observed according checkbook, then there is often little reason not to purchase from private hands.

What should I look at buying

In order to assess the paint realistically, the car should be clean and dry. Therefore, sightseeing in the rain make little sense.  If the paint is inspected, the gaps can also be checked at the same doors, trunk and hood. A look at the tires should reveals age and condition. The DOT number will reflect the date of manufacture and thus the age of the tires. The 4508 numbers mean for example: calendar week 45 / year of manufacture 2008. Despite the good profile tires of at least 1.6 mm in summer and 5 mm for winter tires are older than 5 or 6 years, need to be replaced.

A further control apply brake pads and discs. If the brake pad thickness less than 8 mm, and the disks are free from grooves or even hairline cracks? A lighting test provides information about the functionality of the headlights, tail lights and turn signals. The engine should be dry in the assessment. So is noticed immediately, if there are leaks in the engine compartment. Finally then shows up on the test drive, if the transmission also turns clean, the engine runs smoothly and produce axis and shock no rumbling noise. Specifically, the shock absorbers can at Honda car ever times lead to problems. Also, gaps and poorly fitting hatch the Honda Civic, are weaknesses to the attention should be paid on the purchase.
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